Coffee Brewing Methods

Coffee Brewing Methods

Know what coffee brewing method suits you best

Nowadays there are many methods with which one can brew their favourite coffee, each method delivering different notes, flavours and tastes. I initially got involved with coffee simply because I enjoyed my espresso coffee. Coming from Malta, and with Italy on our doorsteps it was inevitable that I had been influenced by the Italian’s love of espresso’s and cappuccinos’, however the more I experimented and tried different brewing methods and different single origin coffee beans as well as varied roast levels, I soon realised that coffee flavours were more complex than I ever imagined.

The Brewing chart below shows a variety of methods that you can brew your coffee. I would highly recommend trying new ways of experiencing coffee and trying new single origin coffee beans, blended coffees and various brewing techniques and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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For a more simplistic approach, the Chart below guides you through your preferred kind of coffee to identify the ideal brewing method

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