Colombia | Pitalito Supremo

Colombia | Pitalito Supremo


Colombian | Pitalito Supremo

Single Origin

Cupping Notes: Rich, bold cacao, Sweet candy, cherry with watermelon notes, well defined character


Located in the far south of Huila, Pitalito is a renowned region of high quality coffee. The average farm size is slightly smaller that the Huila average at 2ha and therefore the coffee plants receive the complete personal attention needed for high quality coffee. The coffee is nearly 100% shade grown, and predominantly caturra variety. Grown at around 1,700mts the climate is slightly cooler which ensures the cherries develop at a slower rate and are able to absorb all of the sugars and acids of the fruit, which are then transferred to the cup.
In the past few years there has been a large amount of investment in infrastructure on the farms to improve the processing, which can now be demonstrated in the cup.

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Weight250 g
Dimensions7 x 13 x 17 cm


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