Brazil | Esperança

Brazil | Esperança


Brazil | Esperança

Brazil's first specialty coffee beans are grown at 1800 meters above sea level in the region around Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. This type of cultivation is challenging because the plants have a hard time adapting to high-altitude conditions and the terrain tends to be rocky.

Brazil Esperança coffee beans are Arabica, which is the most popular and common bean found in coffees around the world today.



The Esperança blend is a cup profile made up of natural, pulped natural and washed coffees from the south of Brazil.

Cupping notes: The aroma is rich with citrus notes and a hint of cocoa beans and the flavour profile is balanced with a pleasing, slightly sweet taste that leaves an aftertaste of rising cherries. Brazil Esperança Coffee has an elegant flavour profile that complements any beverage prepared from it including but not limited to espresso-based drinks such as coffee lattes of this coffee

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